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100 Hours A Day is a multi-format programme which boasts a combination of TV show styles; namely reality, sitcom, documentary, and drama series. It is loosely based on true events that occur in the lives of three young men. 100 Hours A Day is about how these individuals commit their lives to the plight of following their dreams, in hopes to succeed at careers in the entertainment/media industry. Currently, the Show Ratings are estimated at just around 1,6 million viewers.

With the clever mixture of confession-styled reality show monologues, emotionally-charged dramatic scenes, witty sitcom dialogue, and vivid doccie-styled raw footage; 100 Hours A Day aims to curb its own lane by meshing multiple genres together for the sake of organic entertainment.


These three guys (namely 2C, Tshepiso and Thissa) follow their passions; which are rooted in the entertainment (music, TV, film, video production), marketing (promotions, brand management) and entrepreneurship industries. The show documents their endeavours as they strive to become successes at professions that they didn’t study for, hence the need to balance multiple jobs in order to survive in the capital city of South Africa. 100 Hours A Day will show these individuals transform from regular working-class professionals by day, to ambitious dream chasers by night. Viewers will get a first-hand take on the guys’ journey through the entertainment industry’s trials and tribulations; whether on or off stage, in or outside of the boardroom. We also get to see the personal side of each character, while watching them learn how to deal with each other’s unique characteristics when working, and also when having fun.


Season 1 (20+ Episodes)


  • Tshepiso ‘Thissa’ Leseyane (Rapper / Designer) –    Fidel Mosupye (Photographer)
  • Othusitse ‘2C Mogoelelwa (Rapper / Videographer) –    Baile Sexwale (Manager)
  • Tshepiso ‘SIR’ Madise (Brand Activator / Marketer)


Airing Schedule                                                                                   TV Station

Premiere Episodes:  Thursdays, 18:30                                             Tshwane TV: Channel 185 on Top TV & StarSat; and Channel 262 on DSTV

Repeat Episodes: Fridays, 11:00 and Saturdays, 19:00

The TV Show is also accessible on the same terrestrial band frequency as SABC 1, 2, 3 and e-TV, therefore viewers in Gauteng have access to the signal by aerial.

***###   SEASON 2 OF 100 HOURS A DAY AIRS EARLY 2015!   ###***


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